Co-op Silicon Valley

H/F Co-op Silicon Valley, or Co-op SV, is the original Hackers/Founders Co-op program that first launched in 2011.

How the application process works

The Co-op leverages the wisdom of the crowd, enlisting members of the Silicon Valley ecosystem to choose participating startups.

We have a rolling application and admissions process; upon applying to the Co-op, applicants go through a peer-review process for personalized, written feedback. Startups that receive the highest scores are invited to our quarterly Investor Office Hours. The startups with the top reviews from the investors are then invited to join the Co-op at their convenience.

Participation Cost

A 5% equity stake, used to provide concierge services for the startups and for H/F operations. “Founders giving back to founders.” Also, part of this stock is shared by all startups in the class, so each startup receives some equity from each year’s cohort. This ensures that startups are invested in each other’s success.

We want every founder to help each other add value so everyone can win!

Co-work together in Downtown San Jose, CA

Co-op SV is located in San Jose, California – the “Capital of Silicon Valley.” Our convenient downtown location (in the historic Bank of Italy building) is very close in proximity to public transportation such as VTA and Caltrain.

(Did we mention how much better the traffic is down here compared to in San Francisco? Just sayin’.)

What if I’m not in the US?

International startups are absolutely welcome to apply to the H/F Co-op. We work with some of the best immigration and legal experts in Silicon Valley, and we’ll be happy to help set up your company in the US.

When to apply

Our applications are open year-round. We want to make it easy for international startups to apply and relocate to the Silicon Valley when the time is right for them.