Silicon Valley

H/F Co-op Silicon Valley, is the original Hackers/Founders Co-op program that first launched in 2011.

How the application process works

Note: The Silicon Valley Co-op is not currently accepting applications in preparation for the public offering of HACK Fund. However, if your company is based near Guadalajara, Mexico, you will still be able apply to the Guadalajara Co-op. Once reopened, applications will be accepted here for startups around the globe.

Through our application process, we locate promising startups and young companies with a multi-tiered review that does not discriminate on the basis of pattern-matching. We prefer grit, talent, and hustle over pedigree. Applicants will receive valuable feedback from our community of investors, industry experts and startup veterans, and will have the opportunity to receive investment from the HACK Fund.

Co-work together in Downtown San Jose, CA

Co-op SV is located in San Jose, California – the “Capital of Silicon Valley.” Our convenient downtown location is very close in proximity to public transportation such as VTA and Caltrain.

(Did we mention how much better the traffic is down here compared to in San Francisco? Just sayin’.)

What if I’m not in the US?

The HACK Fund was created specifically to invest in entrepreneurs around the world.

When to apply

While we are preparing to launch HACK Fund's public offering, Co-op admissions are temporarily closed.