Australian startup Social Status joins H/F Co-op Accelerator in Silicon Valley

Social Status, a social media analytics platform, has accepted an opportunity to be part of the H/F Co-op accelerator

by Maitetxu Larraechea

Social Status, the Australian startup dubbed “Google Analytics for social media”, are proud to announce that they have been accepted into the prestigious Hackers/FoundersCo-op accelerator program, in Silicon Valley. The H/F Co-op is an accelerator run by Hackers/Founders, the largest network of entrepreneurs in the world with over 200,000 members in 40 countries. The opportunity got the Sydney, Australia-based company relocated to Silicon Valley, in order to enhance the company’s access to US expertise, capital and customers.

Hot on the heels of multiple new business and pitch wins, including taking the grand prize at Australia’s largest startup pitching competition The Big Pitch in June 2015, Social Status has gone from strength to strength.

Co-Founder and CEO Tim Hill said, “We’ve had multiple validation points on our journey since launching last year. Today, Social Status serves over 600 marketers around the world. We’re absolutely over the moon to have been accepted into one of Silicon Valley’s foremost accelerators. The fact that H/F accepts less than 1% of applicants is a testament to our team, traction, and the $3BN market opportunity in front of us.”

Describing the market opportunity for social media analytics, Hill commented, “The tipping point really came this year when digital and social ad revenues overtook television for the first time. We’re essentially in the first year of a once-in-a-generation media revolution. Traditional media is in accelerating decline and we’re seeing an unprecedented shift in focus away from traditional to social media.”

Co-Founder and CTO Robert O’Farrell leads the company’s tech team based in Sydney, Australia. O’Farrell has over 10 years experience in building enterprise web applications. He said, “The value for our users really comes in the ability to make sense of a mountain of social data and derive actionable insights. Social Status is best placed to enable marketers to quantify the true value of their content marketing and uncover that all important social ROI.”

Jonathan Nelson, who grew Hackers/Founders from five people to over 200,000 members in 40 countries, said, “Hackers/Founders is delighted to welcome Australian talent. We enjoy being the ones who find great people doing great things outside the traditional spaces. We are confident that Social Status, with the help and guidance that we are happy to provide, will soon become a great success”.

For more information, please contact: Social Status – [email protected] Maitetxu Larraechea – [email protected]

About Social Status

Social Status is a social media analytics platform that enables marketers to quantify the ROI of their content marketing on social media. The platform analyses the interaction on brand content and provides engagement and growth benchmarking against competitors and industry.

Social Status also provides users with weekly, fortnightly and monthly reports enabling them to optimize performance including what to post, where to post, when to post and how often.

About H/F Co-op

The H/F Co-op is an accelerator run by Hackers/Founders, the largest network of entrepreneurs in the world with over 200,000 members in 40 countries. The accelerator is a tight-knit co-operative, where concierge services are provided in exchange for equity, and where founders help each other and elect each other to the program.

The accelerator is notoriously hard to get into, with less than 1% of applicants making the cut. Every applicant is provided feedback and a readiness score assigned by five independent reviewers, based on how close they may be to raise funding.

H/F Co-op portfolio companies have in the last 3 years grown in net worth to over $400 million USD and have raised $55 million in growth capital. The accelerator is based in Mountain View, California.

About Hackers/Founders

Hackers/Founders (H/F) began as a small Meetup group in 2008. It has grown to 200,000+ members in 104+ cities and 40+ countries over the last seven years. H/F organizers Jonathan and Laura Nelson saw a need for an organization focused on early-stage entrepreneurs, and developed a range of services, resources, and activities with the sole purpose of creating more successful startups.

H/F launched a startup-centric accelerator program called the Co-op in 2012. Through a services-for-equity model, which cuts the costs of funding, the Co-op provides more value than traditional venture capital models and allows founders to focus on building their companies. H/F staff get in the trenches with each startup to provide personalized attention, improving their chances of success.