picture of Nathan Lustig

Nathan Lustig

Managing Partner at Magma Partners

Lustig is currently the managing partner at Magma Partners, a seed stage venture capital fund based in Latin America, USA and China.

Previously, he founded ExchangeHut during his sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin and ran it until his senior year, when ExchangeHut was acquired.

In 2008 he cofounded Entrustet, a service that allows people to create a list of digital assets and decide if they should be transferred or deleted when they die. In 2012, Entrustet was acquired by a European competitor.

Lustig is also the founder of Capital Entrepreneurs, an organization of high tech entrepreneurs in Madison, WI dedicated to making Madison a new startup hub.

He also wrote Startup Chile 101, a book about everything you need to know about living, working and doing business in Chile.