picture of Jorge Zavala

Jorge Zavala

CEO, Kinnevo

Jorge Zavala is the founder and CDO of Kinnevo, a company based in Silicon Valley that works with customers in the early stage of new projects or ventures.

One achievement is training people in the flavor of Silicon Valley, to share knowledge, create companies, and create vibrant opportunities business in Mexico.

With Bootcamps like Build or Die, entrepreneurs, company owners, government representatives, students and professors learn about all the areas that touch the business creation process in 30 days in Silicon Valley before returning to Mexico, and ignite business, organizations, cities and universities.

Currently, Jorge works with Hult International Business School, as a Action Project Director, a program to integrate challenges of companies in the Silicon Valley, as well as students of MBA to work in real challenges to be solved in 6 weeks.

Prior to Kinnevo, Jorge Zavala was the CEO of TechBA Silicon Valley, a Mexican Business Accelerator, that later deployed offices in 6 locations around the world. TechBA was the catalyst to build the bridges for the knowledge economy after the maquiladora stage of Mexico.

Through his career, Jorge has lived in Mexico, Canada and USA. Jorge was involved in the design and manufacturing of large systems like the SCADA for the Mexican Electrical Utility, to building sugar cane automation systems, water system management, content management, ecommerce development and knowledge management systems for companies like Microsoft, HP, Grupo Carso and Kuo Group.

Jorge has participated as speaker and has taught in workshops about Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Business Development, to foster the creation of networks of knowledge. He regularly is mentor and judge in Startup Weekend.

Jorge holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Universidad La Salle in Mexico City, and a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo in Canada.